About Us

Airport Initiative is a human trafficking training division of the Bay Area Anti-Trafficking Coalition (BAATC), a prominent anti-trafficking leader which has tracked the dynamic shifts of human trafficking since 2011. BAATC started Airport Initiative to strategically leverage its expertise in anti-trafficking training to equip the Airport industry and its personnel. Since its founding, BAATC has trained in a variety of industries and communities, and collaborated with over 100 anti-trafficking organizations and government agencies.

Other BAATC Highlights:

– Created and hosted the Freedom Summit (largest community-based anti-trafficking training conference in the U.S.)

– Led anti-trafficking awareness training and collaborative work for Super Bowl 2016 in Santa Clara, CA

Consulting on anti-trafficking efforts for upcoming FIFA 2026 World Cup

Through 18 months of personal interviews with incarcerated traffickers in San Quentin State Prison, the BAATC learned the way to disrupt the trafficking business is to intervene at strategic nexus points where traffickers move, work, and sleep their victims. This led to focus on training key industry personnel who are likely to see and interact with trafficking victims on a regular basis.

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