Keep Human Trafficking Out of Your Airport

Train your employees to recognize and report
the signs of human trafficking.

What We Do

Since 2014, we have partnered with airports, government agencies,
and industry providers to offer the Best-In-Class human trafficking training.

Why Use Our Training?

Created for Airport Personnel – Developed by anti-trafficking educators with the most up-to-date content and research in human trafficking

Compliance-Ready Training – Meets the highest anti-trafficking training requirements for transportation hubs in the country

Supported by Research – Training impacts measured in partnership with UC Berkeley

Recommended First-in-Class Training – Human Trafficking Strategic Parter of the California Airports Council

Training Highlights

Training Course – 20-minute training which includes videos, interactive elements, and summaries for the best e-learning experience

Protocol Optimization – Customized reporting protocol that is implemented into each airport’s training.

Language Translations – Closed Captioning, and available in Spanish, Chinese, and more

Training Delivery Options – Online, live webinars, and in-person trainings

“Airport Initiative’s training has resulted in staff members that are more concerned about human trafficking, more informed about what human trafficking actually is, and better able to recognize human trafficking victims that walk through the airport.”

-Cecilia Mo, Professor & Research Partner, University of California, Berkeley

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